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What about those "chain" dental centers?

In my 37 years as a pediatric dental specialist here in northern Colorado, I have seen the number of national or regional "chain" dental centers increase rapidly. I often get asked about them and if they are ok for children. My usual response is that it all depends on the doctor and staff. Do they understand the treatment and emotional needs that children have at each stage of growth? And will your child see the same dentist each time which helps develop a level of trust? Just as with any dental office, private or chain, some dentists understand children and some don't. The advantage, I believe, a pediatric dental specialist has, in a private practice, is that they do understand children, and you will most likely see the same dentist at each visit which really does help a child learn to trust and feel more comfortable with treatment. Pediatric specialists also understand growth and development and should be able to refer your child for orthodontic treatment at the right time. In my opinion, too many kids are being treated too early, and many times need a second or even third phase of treatment as their mouth continues to grow. If you have any concerns about your child's care including future orthodontic treatment, please call our office at 970-833-3006 to receive a complementary consultation with me. I can assure you that your child will ALWAYS see me at each appointment.

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