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What about those large "chain" dental centers?

In my 37 years of practice here in northern Colorado, I've seen the emergence of many franchise or "chain" dental centers. Questions often arise about taking children to these versus a "private" pediatric dental practice like AllStar Smiles 4 Kids. I always point out to parents that it really depends on the staff and the dentist your child sees. Just like in private practice, some dentists and their staff are attuned to children's needs and some aren't. If you can find one of these larger national or regional dental centers whose staff and doctor understand a child's needs, AND, you can see the same dentist each time to develop a level of trust, then you're usually ok. The advantage I believe a pediatric specialist has is that we first of all understand a child's psychological and emotional needs at each age. Secondly, we understand a child's dental growth and development as they age and can properly manage that and transition them into orthodontic treatment, if needed, at the appropriate time. Most "general dentists" don't have this level of expertise regardless of whether they're in a private practice or corporate chain of offices, and I see many children into orthodontic treatment much too early. If you have any questions about your child's care, including future orthodontic concerns, please call us today at 970-833-3006, and we'll gladly provide a free consultation.


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