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"Why do I have to wait so long"

You have probably thought this to yourself many times while you're waiting in the reception area of a medical or dental office. You have arrived several minutes early and now you've been waiting 10, 15, 30 minutes or more, or you have been moved to a treatment room and you're waiting there well past your scheduled time. You're thinking that your time is valuable too and wondering why the office always does this to you.

Well, in my opinion, this should very rarely happen. There are times when emergencies occur or a particular treatment is taking longer than anticipated. But, most of the time I believe it's just a matter of improper scheduling. You've been at the airport when they announce the plane has been overbooked? Sometimes this happens in a busy practice as they are allowing for a few "no shows", but if everyone shows up they're overbooked. Many times the office is trying to please everyone that wants to get in and just overbooks hoping it will just work out. Sometimes they're just short staffed.

My goal has always been to fill our appointment calendar so we are able to see our pediatric patients when they are scheduled, not later. I realize a parent's time is valuable and they probably have other appointments to get to after their dental checkup. So at AllStar Smiles 4 Kids you will almost always been seen exactly when you were scheduled or many times before if you come early. If we are running a little behind, you will be informed of that when you arrive and given the option of rescheduling. Our concern is for your comfort, both with "how" the dental treatment is delivered and "when" it is delivered. You will see that being "on time" in our office really is a top priority.

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