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When should dentist pull tooth?

It's funny, but most children, when they come for their pediatric dental check-up and have a loose tooth, think the dentist is going to pull it. But most of the time I leave it up to them what they want to do, and the vast majority of kids want to do it themselves! So that brings the question, "when should the dentist pull my child's tooth?"

Here are things to consider when determining if the pediatric dentist should pull it or let them do it:

1) Is the loose tooth hurting them when they eat? If it hurts enough they'll probably want me to pull it.

2) How loose is it? If it's ready to fall out at any time, I let them deal with it unless they want me to.

3) Is the permanent tooth trying to come in before the baby tooth is lost? If it is and the baby tooth is

very loose I'll let them get it out, but if it's not loose, then I should pull it.

4) Does the baby tooth have a cavity? If it does, and it would normally be falling out in a few months,

I will leave it in if it's not hurting and let them pull it. If it is bothering them, then I will.

Each case is different but in most situations if the child wants to pull their own tooth I will let them. Sometimes if I think it needs to come out soon I will give them a time frame (2-3 weeks) to get it out and then call them at that time, and if it's not out then they should come in and let me do it. And in most cases, they will get it out by the deadline!

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