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"Do You Accept Medicaid?"

Several times a week we get calls asking if we accept Medicaid. Yes, we do. Since I started my pediatric dental practice here in Fort Collins, we have always accepted children covered by Medicaid. From 1982 til the mid 90's we were the only pediatric dental office accepting Medicaid. Now there are several offices that do.

Here are a few things you should know about AllStar Smiles 4 Kids and Medicaid:

1) We accept kids from 2 years old through 21.

2) We do have a few restrictions for very young children that have extensive restorative needs.

3) We treat every child the same and offer the same hours regardless of the insurance they have, including Medicaid.

4) Medicaid only reimburses about 40% of our fees. And contrary to what most people think, we cannot write off the difference for tax purposes. We just write it off, period.

Children will always need dental care and we are here to provide appropriate and excellent pediatric dental treatment for all children covered by Medicaid and other insurance as well.

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