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Why Experience Matters

As with most professions, experience is one factor people should consider when choosing someone to provide a service, especially in the healthcare arena.

With experience you should find things like knowledge; wisdom, which is the proper application of knowledge; efficiency; appropriateness, and true care for the individual. In addition to experience, we usually consider other things like cost, convenience, personal attention, friends referrals, and that "it" factor.

At AllStar Smiles 4 Kids, we have incorporated things into our practice that 36 years in pediatric dentistry has taught us parents are looking for when considering dental care for their children. These include the following:

1)University trained pediatric specialist 2)Conservative treatment plans, not "over-treating" 3)Ability to administer treatment in relaxed and pain-free environment 4)Understanding of children's needs and likes/dislikes at various ages 5)Management of growth and orthodontic development 6)Participation with most major insurance networks 7)After school and holiday scheduling 8)New patients scheduled within a week 9)Quick and efficient appointments to save Mom's time and money 10)Maximum one-on-one time with the doctor.

When considering a pediatric dentist for you children, ask the office about these things and evaluate their response, which is hopefully based on years of experience treating children.

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